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TVEVT Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

In case if your personal data or video with your participation have been posted on the TVEVT platform without your consent, you can contact the user by means of personal messaging and ask them to remove/modify content.

If due to any reasons you are not able or you think you cannot contact the user, you can submit request to remove the TV Channel to the following address abuse2@tvevt.com

To be considered by us the disputable content shall contain clear reference to you. When assessing if the disputable materials are clearly associated with you, we take into consideration such facts as full name, your image and voice, financial information, contact information and other personal information upon request.

Some advises regarding the privacy policy on TVEVT:

  • Think well before posting your personal data.Personal data include your residence place, educational institution, place of work, private address and other personal information.
  • Keep secret data on your account (password).Under any circumstances TVEVT employees will not ask you to give your password. If somebody contacts your with such demands pretending to be a TVEVT employee, do not believe them.
  • Get authorization.Before filming other people or posting their personal data it is necessary to get their consent.

Posting Content Protected by International Copyright Law

TVEVT is against piracy. In case when a user publishes content protected by the law on international copyright without the respective license, the TV Channel will be removed without preliminary notification.

We urge all platform users to notify TVEVT administration at abuse2@tvevt.com on availability of documents for any video before its broadcasting. Otherwise such TV Channel without submitted broadcasting license will be removed.

Harmful or Hazardous Content

Videos provoking violence, as well as fulfilling of hazardous and illegal actions able to cause damages or even result in death are strictly forbidden for broadcasting on TVEVT.

Videos calling for illegal actions or describing such actions we qualify as harmful and hazardous, for example: dangerous games, producing explosives and weapons, drugs and other things and substances that can cause serious damage to health. The exception is made for educational, documentaries, scientific or artistic videos showing such actions, but having respective reasoning.

It is strictly forbidden to post videos calling for violence on TVEVT. If your video contains call for violence or is threatening other people, your TV Channel will be immediately removed.

We pay a lot of attention to the content containing children harming scenes. Such videos are forbidden to be posted on TVEVT. To protect minor spectators we can impose age restrictions to the materials where adults commit actions dangerous for life and health.

You can report videos that in your opinion infringe TVEVT rules or are intended for specific age categories at abuse2@tvevt.com

Discriminating Statements and Manifestation of Hate

We fight for freedom of speech and we think that everyone has right to their own point of view and its expression, but at the same time we forbid any verbal manifestations of hate.

Verbal manifestations of hate include expressions aimed to calling for violence against specific persons or specific groups of people. Such groups include: race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, vegetarian status, sexual orientation and sexual identity.

If you think that any material infringes the terms mentioned above and it can be considered as discriminating statements and hate manifestation, we kindly ask you to notify TVEVT thereof at abuse2@tvevt.com


Any videos containing physical threats to a specific person or group of people will be removed from TVEVT platform, and the access to the account can be blocked.

If you found a video containing violence threatening, please notify TVEVT hereof at abuse2@tvevt.com

Insult and Intimidation

Insults and intimidation in video content can result in removal of the TV Channel from TVEVT platform.

Examples of insulting actions that are gross violation of the rules:

  • Posting insulting videos, comments and messages.
  • Disclosure of personal information without consent of its owner.
  • Posting video that is intentionally made without consent of the participating person.
  • Intended post of content uploading aimed to humiliate another person.
  • Posting insulting comments and videos about another person.
  • Sexual abuse

Advises and recommendations:

  • Before posting a video, think of reaction it will provoke among the spectators. It is not recommended to post materials that can result in aggressive behavior of other users or have negative impact on your reputation.
  • If you noticed that a user posts insulting materials, do not be silent, engage in open discussion and remind them that it is an infringement of the website rules.
  • Show respect to other users’ opinion, but do not let them moving the brink of decency. Never respond to insults.
  • If there is a conflict, do not wait for its development. If you are minor, report actions against you to adults or contact law enforcement authorities.

In case of ineffective attempts to settle the conflict, you can submit request on removal of the disputable TV channel sending a message to abuse2@tvevt.com

Graphic Image of Cruelty

If your video contains graphic image of cruelty scenes, we ask you to indicate in heading or description to video sufficient information that will enable users to classify your video correctly.

It is forbidden to upload videos containing scenes of violence and cruelty with purpose of shocking, impressing or insult users. If video contains graphic or shocking scenes, you should keep balance by posting additional information and context. For example, when a civil journalist films beating and arrest of protesting people, and then posts this video with appropriate information (date, place, political context, etc.) such video is bound to be permitted. But if video is uploaded without any additional or accompanying information, it can be considered as unmotivated image of cruelty and in such case it will be removed from the website.

Furthermore, we ask you to indicate age restrictions for videos containing graphic image of cruelty.

You can report content that, in your opinion, infringes this policy or does not fit all age categories by sending message to abuse2@tvevt.com

Rights Infringement and Danger for Child’s Life

Materials with sexual content and participation of minor persons are absolutely unacceptable on TVEVT. Posting video, comments or other mentioning such materials will result in immediate removal of the TV Channel and account blocking.

If video contains scenes of sexual violence in respect to children, we will notify law enforcement authorities hereof.

Abusive language

Some words cannot be used when communicating with children. Messages in videos or description thereto that impose evident sexual character or contain swear words can result in age restrictions imposing or removal of the TV Channel.

If you faced such infringements in any videos, comments or a specific user’s account on the whole, we kindly ask you to inform us thereof sending message to abuse2@tvevt.com

Nude Model and Material with Sexual Content

Porn video is forbidden on TVEVT platform. Video containing fetishism elements will be removed or age restrictions will be imposed hereto. Video containing elements of violence, graphic fetishism and humiliation are forbidden on TVEVT.

The exception is made for educational, artistic, documentaries and scientific videos containing nude or sexual content materials only in case if it is the sole purpose of video, and the video is not unreasonably too detailed.

Moreover, we strongly recommend you to impose age restrictions for your content, if it has video with the abovementioned content.

If you found videos that in your opinion infringe TVEVT rules or should be hidden from children, you can report them to abuse2@tvevt.com

Law Policy

Use of other trade mark in user’s name, tags or name of video cannot be an infringement. Although, if your profile or video contain content that can make the users think that the trademark owner is the producer of TV Channel, this probably infringes the trademark owner rights. In such cases we can remove disputable content. Thus, you should be careful when choosing user name and description of video, and you should keep in mind the Third Parties’ rights to trademarks.

If you have a trademark in your possession and think that it is used illegally, please consider that TVEVT cannot be an intermediary in trademarks related disputes settlement between the trademarks users and owners. So, we strongly recommend that the trademark owners settle the disputes directly with user that posted the disputable content. The trademark owners can contact users by means TVEVT function of personal messaging.

If you cannot come to an agreement with the disputable account owner, please send us a request on infringement of rights to the trademark to abuse2@tvevt.com TVEVT will execute its own content analysis and will remove it if the infringement in confirmed.

Pretending to be Another Person

Copying of a channel layout, use of another user’s name or pretending to be another person in comments, e-mails and videos can be considered as an insult. If TVEVT employees discover that a channel has been created with purpose of copying another channel or user, the channel of the violator will be removed. If you think that you faced such case, please contact us at abuse2@tvevt.com

Spam, Deception and Fraud

We work continuously not to allow any spam, fraud and other kinds of deception on TVEVT platform. Hereunder more detailed information is given on what the infringement of these rules is.

Spam in videos and comments

You should not post big amounts of unintended, undesirable or repeated content, including video, comments, personal messages etc. If the main purpose of your content is to redirect users from TVEVT to another website, it is bound to be considered as an infringement regarding our spam policies.

Artificial traffic increase

Everything that results in artificial increase in views number, ‘Like’ marks, comments, signings or other indicators due to use of automated systems or showing videos to trusty users is an infringement of our rules. TV Channels and accounts that infringe these rules will be removed and blocked respectively.


Some users create content aiming to deceive others and get some profit thereof. Content that is intentionally deceiving in order to get some profit can be removed, and the user having posted such content can get notification.

To report spam, deception, fraud and other unacceptable videos, please write to abuse2@tvevt.com

TVEVT Terms Infringement Condoning

If you post the content calling for infringement of the abovementioned TVEVT terms, such TV Channel can be removed, and your account can get notification or will be blocked.

Additional Rules

Absence of account activity

In case of continuous absence of account activity TVEVT can without preliminary notification remove such TV Channel, and block the respective account. Absence of account activity shall mean the following:

  • Absence of website visiting for a long period;
  • Absence of updates in case of cycled playlist mode;
  • Absence of account design;
  • Absence of program schedule in readable form;
  • Absence of active participation in review or commenting on videos or TV Channels;